• Luxury Boxed Wedding Day Cards
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Wedding Card "Happy Couple"

Wedding Card "Happy Couple"


Code: 024WED


Luxury Wedding Card "Happily Ever After"

Wedding Card "Happily Ever After"


Code: 121WED - Individually boxed card

Luxury Wedding Card "Wedding Bouquet"

Wedding Card "Wedding Bouquet"


Code: 108WED - Individually boxed card

Luxury Wedding Card "Meant To Be Together"

Wedding Card "Meant To Be Together"


Code: 118WED - Individually boxed card


Luxury Engagement Card "Orchids"

Engagement Card "Orchids"


Code: 102EN - Individually boxed card

Luxury Engagement Card "Joining Hearts"

Engagement Card "Joining Hearts"


Code: 103EN - Individually boxed card

Wedding Cards

Looking for that special unique wedding card to congratulate newlyweds on their special day? Would you like to present them a handmade card to show just how much they mean to you and your beloved? Lotus Art Studio provides handmade wedding cards with a variety of floral, crystal, silk and satin decorative arrangements sure to amaze a happy couple. These handmade cards are available in a variety of styles, whether you prefer the soft understated nature of satin ribbons or the shiny excitement of crystals.

It goes without saying that these cards are more than just cards. Fully three-dimensional with impeccably arranged silk flowers, hearts and ribbons, offered in a variety of whites, golds and soft pastels, when bride and groom receive these cards in the mail it will feel like they've just received a work of art. As it should be! Their wedding is cause for celebration, and is something that should resonate in the minds and hearts for years to come. This cards are sure to be kept on family's mantels or in family albums as a reminder of the sweetness of their union.

Our Wedding Day designs are divided into two major categories – regular handmade wedding day cards and luxury wedding cards. Handmade wedding cards are about 15x15 cm in size and delivered with square envelope matching design. Luxury boxed wedding cards measures 21x14.8cm (approx. 8x6”) in size and sent out with luxury brown gift box making them a perfect keepsake present for a newlyweds.