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Christening Card "Mixed Twins Christening"

"Mixed Twins Christening"


Code: 005CR

Holy Communion Card "First Holy Communion"

"First Holy Communion"


Code: 009CR


Luxury Christening Card "On Your Christening Day"

"On Your Christening Day"


Code: 010BC - Individually boxed card

Luxury Christening Card "Christening Congratulations"

"Christening Congratulations"


Code: 015BC - Individually boxed card

Luxury Christening Card "Christening Cross"

"Christening Cross"


Code: 016BC - Individually boxed card

Christening & Holy Communion Cards

The Christening ceremony is an event of enormous import in a child’s life, but also in those of the parents. It is a dedication of a new soul to the care of the community. It is a public ceremony in which those who surround this young light are enjoined to do all they can to foster and guide it until the child comes to adulthood and accept membership in their own right within the Church. It also serves to introduce the child or children to the community, to formally name them in the eyes of those outside the circle of intimate family and friends.

Show your support of this new member of the community with an offering from Lotus Art Studio. Each of our Christening and First Holy Communion cards is carefully designed and expertly crafted with only the finest materials. Exquisite crystal accents, silken ribbon, and stunning print work make every card a work of art that will reinforce your tender dedication to shelter the Light within a young community member.

Our cards are divided into two basic groups. Choose from our array of beautiful handcrafted cards, available for boys, girls, and twin brothers, sisters, or brother and sister. As well, joyful wishes are available for the First Communion. In every case, elegant design and first quality materials such as gleaming satin and glittering crystal merge to create a card that is a tangible expression of your delight and joyful wishes. Our luxury boxed offerings incorporate all of these quality materials and more, with exquisite iconography, sumptuously beautiful beadwork and crystal accents, and fine satin ribbon. Each comes in a box to preserve this precious and important moment in the life of a child.