• Luxury boxed anniversary cards
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Luxury Anniversary Card "Happy Anniversary"

Luxury Card "Happy Anniversary"


Code: 014WED - Individually boxed card

Luxury Anniversary Card "Orchids"

Luxury Anniversary Card "Orchids"


Code: 203WED - Individually boxed card

Luxury Anniversary Card "Golden Anniversary

Luxury Card "Golden Anniversary"


Code: 204WED - Individually boxed card


Photo Anniversary Card "Happy Anniversary"

Photo Card "Happy Anniversary"


Code: 004PA - Individually boxed card

Photo Anniversary Card "On Our Anniversary"

Photo Card "On Our Anniversary"


Code: 005PA - Individually boxed card

Photo Anniversary Card "Congratulations on Your Anniversary"

"Congratulations on Your Anniversary"


Code: 003PA - Individually boxed card

Anniversary Cards

An anniversary is a special, private celebration - one that couples promise to keep sacred to each other as they journey through the world together. Anniversaries mark the day you took each other for better or worse, and vowed to accept and love one another without reservation or judgment. Commemorate the beauty of that moment each year with a work of art from Lotus Art Studio. We offer you a select array of carefully handcrafted cards that express the love that leaves you breathless even after all this time. Tell your beloved that they are still the only one for whom you look at the end of every day, who gives the word 'Home' true meaning, and for whose happiness you would sacrifice anything.

We take your joy very much to heart when we craft our cards, using only the finest materials to craft each creation. With sparkling accents, fine millinery, premium silk flowers, and expertly printed artwork, each card is a testament to your continued devotion. Each offering communicates in both words and images the value you emplace in your life partner.

We offer three categories from which to choose. Our customisable photo cards are perfect to commemorate your Day by calling to mind another moment in which your joy together was complete. We surround your love with beautiful imagery, and glimmering accents of the highest quality, gilding the Lily. Our handcrafted cards are equally exquisite, combining fine millinery, glittering crystal, and our beautiful artwork to express your love. Finally, our luxury boxed cards help you to express your endless admiration with sumptuous designs and silk flowers to make Mother Nature blush. These three-dimensional testaments of your devotion come delivered in a luxurious brown box to ensure that, like your love, these cards will spring eternal, timeless and beautiful.